This Saturday:

Bliss #15 at Module 


23.59-08.00 // Module, Vesterbrogade 2b // Age + 20 // running order below!


The 15th edition of Bliss this Saturday will be all about getting closer as we are moving into the intimous club Module. At Module we will be expanding to two floors over eight hours: The mesmerizing floor Cloud Nine and the alternative banging floor House of God. We are looking forward to venture into new environments, dancing and mingling on two floors and between.

The Source Experience aka Robert Leiner from Gothenburg will close the Cloud Nine floor with a tantalizing three hour set! The Source Experience moniker is the tech/trance emanation of Robert Leiner with thunderous beats, sparkling acid and trance ingredients. Robert Leiner is famous for delivering long sets. While doing bookings we have been enjoying a fresh three hour set of The Source Experience from Ozora Festival in Hungary. From beginning to end this set is so danceable and yet so mesmerizing and amazingly floating.

Robert Leiner is a legendary music creator that has delivered time after time for over the past three decades. During the 90’s Robert Leiner was one of Sweden’s biggest music exports, paving the way for the development of electronic music internationally. Robert’s first release was back in 1991 under the Ohm Records imprint, before following up with releases on the legendary R&S Records, where he also spent many years in Brussels as their studio technician, during an era where R&S was well ahead of it’s time releasing groundbreaking productions from Joey Beltram, The Prodigy and Moby among many others. This put Roberts name and music on the international arena as a producer, DJ and as a live act under the alias The Source Experience, touring the world sharing his works. He has since released on acclaimed labels such as Spiral Tax, SLS Records, Out of Orbit, Sonic Groove and just this month on Börft Records. We can’t wait for Robert’s three hour closing at Cloud Nine from 5AM!


00:00 Sven Rellek 

01:30: Erik Francis 

03:00 Ida Aya 

05:00 The Source Experience aka Robert Leiner

08:00 End


00:00 Prom Night 

02:00 DJ 2 Late 

03:30 DJ Ridler  

05:00 DJ Lukey

06:30 Anna Logic 

08:00 End

Visuals, lights and projections by Bliss Collective at the club’s various floors and areas.

Feel vibrant and make memories that will last a lifetime. Get ready for an unforgettable night of music, dancing, and nonstop fun! Tickets available with Resident Advisor. Early Bird (sold out)  / Presale / Door: 100 / 120 / 150 DKK

Safer Space

By entering you will comply with the following values; show love and respect to all guests and above all acknowledge human differences of any kind. No harassment will be tolerated. Please take care of yourself, your friends and the people dancing next to you. Our staff will be present to support you and to uphold our values.

We reserve our right to deny entrance and/or dismiss guests from the party if our below saferspace values are not met!

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